Products for GreenEarth

2.2 Detergents

Earth Clean GE®
Is a special wash booster that creates an anti-static effect and features finishing additives for GreenEarth cleaning systems.

GreenEarth Solutions recommend Earth Clean GE® as a pre-brushing agent and cleaning booster for cleaning within the GreenEarth cleaning system. Earth Clean GE® is environmentally-friendly and based on biologically-degradable raw materials.

Earth Clean GE® contains a special grease solvent comprised of natural oils. In addition to detergent substances it exhibits antistatic and handle-inducing components.

Even without the addition of water, this booster produces excellent cleaning results, easily eliminates stains while maintaining bright colours and preventing greying.

Earth Clean GE® lends a pleasant and full handle to the garment and maintains its original wearing properties and is easily distilled.