Products for Hydrocarbon

3.2 Detergents

Preclin odoSorb
Drycleaning odour-absorbant activator
Special dry cleaning activator for stain-removal in the 1st bath in 2-bath procedure. It can also be applied as a pre-spotter. The feature to be specially emphasized is the integrated odour absorber for elimination of all kind of unpleasant odours from textiles.

Frankotex Fresh HC
Highly concentrated drycleaning detergent
Highly concentrated drycleaning detergent with marked antistatic effect securing excellent drycleaning power in the drycleaning machine.

PureClin SAN 20 ltr
Hygienic dry cleaning detergent for hydrocarbon solvents with deodorant system.

Due to the innovative combination of surfactants in PureClin SAN, hygienic freshness and fibre-deep purity of the cleaned goods is reached. The product reliably prevents build-up of electrostatic charges and lint formation on the textile goods during drying and facilitates the finishing process.