Products for Hydrocarbon

3.3 Specialist Products

Cetox KWI

Liquid water repellent agent for drycleaning in hydrocarbon solvent with fabric-protecting additives

This product serves for water-repellent finishing of sports, rain and outdoor wear as well as leather garments in hydrocarbon solvents. The ready-for-use solution offers an excellent drip-off effect combined with effective protection against stains and soilings.

Desolan NT

Microbicide additive to prevent growth of germs

The product completely eliminates even most tenacious bacteria buildups in the machine and on the garments.

Clinosolv Adsorb

Powdery Tonsil Type Filter Powder to assist textile cleaning machines without distillation units

Clinosolv Adsorb is a filtration aid whose powdery consistency clears the pigmentation contamination in the filter system and, through absorption, also binds solvent-soluble impurities.

Clinosolv Adsorb is excellent for binding textile dyes, fatty acids, pigment contaminations and similar substances. Running and odour-causing agents are eliminated from the solvent. When cleaning regularly soiled garments the solvent can be retained over a longer period of time in a perfectly usable condition in line with the regulations for use. If major grease and oil stains from the work attire bond with the solvent it must be distilled in its totality as soon as odour is generated or marks are formed.