Products for Laundry

5.2 Bleaches

Viva Geniox

Liquid bleach and disinfectant agent

  • Highly active liquid oxygen bleach already from 30 °C
  • Reliable disinfection at 40 °C
  • Perfect cleanliness and hygiene
  • Optimal bleaching and disinfectant agent for sensitive textiles
  • Bactericide and fungicide action according to DIN EN 1276 and DIN EN 1650

Viva Oxy

Liquid disinfectant agent and bleach

  • Highly active oxygen bleach based on peracetic acid
  • Disinfection according to §18 IfSG scope of action A+B in the Viva Oxy procedure at 70 °C and according to VAH at 60 °C

Viva Chlor

Liquid chlorine-based bleach

  • Oxygen bleach based on sodium hypochlorite
  • Optimum scope of action at 40 – 60 °C and with pH 10,5