Products for Laundry

5.3 Detergents

Viva Care

Special liquid detergent used in the gentle wash process for wool and silk

  • Active and passive fibre care
  • Protection against felting and shrinkage
  • Suited for wet-cleaning
  • Ideal for care of sensitive garments

Viva Pris

Liquid basic detergent and booster for temperatures from 40 – 90 °C

  • Quick fibre-swelling without aggressive alkali
  • Disinfection according to §18 IfSG scope of action A and B in the Viva Duox procedure at 60 °C (filed for registration approval)
  • High dispersing capacity on pigment soil
  • Excellent complexing capacity, also in case of heavy metals (Fe, Mn, Cu)
  • Suited for white and coloured textiles made from cotton and mixed fabric

Mega Pur Extra

Powder Full wash detergent for temperatures from 40 – 90 °C

  • Good oxygen-based bleaching action
  • High stain-solubilising power
  • Excellent enzymatic action
  • Suited for whites made from cotton and mixed fabric

Viva Uni

Liquid all-round detergent for all temperatures

  • Without alkali
  • Particularly high enzymes component
  • Excellent dispersing capacity on grease- and pigment-bound soil
  • Excellent complexing capacity, also in case of heavy metals (Fe, Mn, Cu)

Viva Combi

Liquid albumin and grease solubiliser

  • Removes grease-bound, albuminous and pigment-bound soil in the initial pre-wash phase
  • Very high enzyme proportion
  • Special combination of surfactants
  • Exempt from alkali

Viva Oleo

Liquid grease solubiliser and wetting agent

  • Highly active combination of surfactants for treating natural oils and grease
  • SQuick-wetting for reducing the pre-wash beginning phase
  • Enhanced action in combination with Viva Zym
  • Without alkalinity

Viva Plex

Liquid booster for pigment- and grease-bound soil

  • Highly efficient removal of pigment soil
  • Dispersion of all kinds of oil and grease
  • Optimum greying inhibition
  • Excellent complexation of water hardness

Viva Syntho

Liquid booster for synthetic oils and greases

  • Excellent removal of industrial greases and oils
  • Highly active emulsifier
  • Anti-foaming
  • Solvent-free

Viva Zym

Liquid enzymatic agent

  • Reliable removal of all albuminous stains
  • Efficient degradation of denaturated albuminous stains
  • Optimum action at 30 – 65 °C
  • Resistant to alkali