Products for Laundry

5.4 Finishing Products

Viva Top
Liquid sizing for the gentle wash process

  • Provides a soft, elastic and voluminous handle
  • Optimum fibre care
  • Prevents felting and shrinkage
  • Reduced ironing and steam-finishing operations
  • To be used in the finishing bath.

Viva Soft
Liquid softener

  • Pleasant soft and elastic handle
  • Improved gliding properties in pressing and ironing
  • No water repellent action
  • Appealing fresh fragrance
  • To be used in the finishing bath

Viva Starch
Liquidstarch, suited for ironers

  • Best starching effect at lowest dosage
  • Excellent ironer capacity
  • Polymer-based synthetic starch
  • Very good storage ability
  • To be used in the finishing bath