Products for Laundry

5.5 Specialist Products

Viva odoSorb
Liquid odour-neutralizer

  • Reliably eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Contains water-soluble active substances
  • Can be used in the wash or rinse bath according to procedure
  • For all kind of textiles

Viva Protect
Emulsion for oil and chemicals repellent finish

  • Nanotechnology
  • Fluorocarbon resin with reticulation
  • Best protection at 30 – 40 °C
  • Very good finishing properties
  • Preserves active cellular breathing of membranes and textiles

Viva Optex
Special repellent finishing for regeneration of the water- and alcohol-repellency of operation theatre textiles

  • In suitable wash procedures, Viva Optex offers permanent wash results
  • Improvement of fabric protection in several use
  • The product has also excellent action on textiles which are already in use.