Products for Perc

1.2 Detergents

Preclin odoSorb
Drycleaning odour-absorbant activator for elimination of stains with integrated odour-neutralizer for elimination of all kind of odours from the textiles.

Novaclin Forte A
Concentrated drycleaning detergent with marked anthistatic effect, securing excellent drycleaning power and preventing lint clustering in the machine.

Multi functional detergent for pre spraying or pre brushing. Includes machine maintenance additive that strips the machine of fluff buildup. Can also be used in 1st bath of a 2 bath wash as a soil activator.

EnviClin Touch
A highly concentrated main wash detergent that features strong cleaning effect, excellent antistatic, unique odour-absorbent and fragrant ingredients, anti rust and corrosion additive to protect your machine and a superior comfort effect imparted onto the garment. Due to the super concentration a 10 litre drum lasts as long as you traditional 20 litre drum of detergent – reducing still waste and improving distillation

Novaclin Fresh AN
Anionic Highly Concentrated drycleaning detergent with the FreshClean System for hygienic freshness.