Products for Surface Cleaning

Ecological Deep-Cleaning of all kind of Surfaces

Constant further development to the benefit of our customers!

From one and the same source! Hence you will not only be able to wash your laundry and clean all kind of delicate textiles thoroughly and environmentally friendly with SEITZ Products but also all kind of surfaces in industrial operations.

SEITZ, traditionally known for their exceptional products for professional Laundry and Textile Care, are now launching a new product line on the market: Effective ecological cleansing products for all surfaces.

The new product lines Kitec, Ceratec, Surtec and Destec reflect the experience of more than 125 years of the company history. In the company-owned laboratories, products are developed for national and international use and tested by our application engineering under practical operation conditions for their aptitude, efficiency, effectiveness and environmental-friendliness.

The products of the Kitec line will be your solution to all dirt problems in the kitchen – starting from a washing-up liquid, via a grill-cleaning agent up to a silver-cleaning product, you will find economic, effective, fragrant and biodegradable cleaning products.

In sanitary areas, too, everything will become clean and fresh with the Ceratec line from tiles to toilet. Floor-cleaning can be covered completely with the products of the Surtec line and with the Destec line you will be optimally equipped for industrial surface disinfection.

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